Introducing laser equipment to greatly improve processing efficiency

Weiss-Aug Group, a mold manufacturer based in New Jersey, USA, specializes in the development and manufacture of surgical instrumentation components, with facilities in the United States and Mexico, providing a complete line of medical device assembly.

In order to better adapt to today’s fast-growing market demand, the division established a laser experimental technology center equipped with laser cutting and etching equipment to enhance the manufacturing capabilities of the company’s advanced products.

Compared with the traditional computer numerical control (CNC) technology, the laser cutting speed is faster without sacrificing the processing precision, and it can process a large amount of raw materials in a short time and improve the wear resistance of the material. This greatly increased the turnaround time for prototyping, which would take days or weeks to get the parts in the hands of the customer, now in a matter of hours.

The laser laboratory equipment currently includes a new fiber laser processing system and an ultra-high resolution camera. These devices enable laser-cut materials up to 1.5 mm thick with a cutting accuracy of ±25 μm. This technology, combined with the Weiss-Aug Group’s 3D optical, laser and touch probe measurement systems, allows fast deviation analysis and the creation of digital models for immediate feedback on the iterative process. Customers can benefit from rapid testing and modification of prototypes to develop the best design.

The Weiss-Aug Group’s technical background in high-volume precision metal stamping and insert molding ensures the accuracy of the prototype imitation process, resulting in cost-effective and mass-produced products.

Post time: Dec-29-2021