Mold companies compete for globalization, focus on technology improvement

In today’s economic globalization, competition among mold companies is becoming increasingly global. Most of the enterprises in China, especially the private mold enterprises, are small sailing boats, which belong to the “small and medium enterprises”. Mr. Welch of General Electric Company of the United States said: “I have not done a few things all day, but there is one thing that can’t be done, that is, planning the future.” The core, most important, and most important thing is to formulate strategic planning. .

Market segmentation, focusing on technology improvement

For example, if a mold company chooses to use only the lamp mode, it is necessary to use the lamp mold as its market segment. The development direction of the company is to continuously pursue the progress in the technology of the lamp mold, and constantly research the mold in the market. The technical characteristics are gradually accumulated. These accumulations include technical standards, design standards, and processing standards. Through the continuous accumulation of enterprises, enterprises will eventually have a place in the segment of the lamp model.

Stable technical human resources

When enterprises choose to be better and stronger in a certain market segment, the most important thing is to have excellent technical talents to back them up, mainly including the stability of human resources in this part of the technical backbone. This is the case with foreign high-end mold companies. Although these companies are small in scale, they have high profits and small brain drain. For such enterprises, it is the key to accumulating and improving technology.

Optimization design of mold structure

The computer should be optimized by the mold (numerical analog) to assist with physical simulation to ensure smooth metal flow, full mold and uniform stress distribution. When designing the mold, make full use of the CAD system function to design the product in two-dimensional and three-dimensional, so as to ensure the uniformity and accuracy of the original information of the product, avoid human error and improve the quality of the mold design. The three-dimensional modeling process of the product can fully reflect the external shape of the product before forging, and timely discover the problems that may exist in the original design.

Forging die structure has certain influence on forging quality, productivity, labor intensity, forging die service life and forging die processing, and its importance is no less than the design of various die. In order to make the forgings well-filled and the stresses in the molds are balanced, it is necessary to make the blanks reasonably to meet the requirements and volume requirements of the cross-sectional area of ​​the forgings, and to obtain the shape and size of the rough drawing. If the shape and size of the blanks are unreasonable or When the blank mold is severely worn, the life of the forging die and the final forging die is lowered.

Post time: Dec-29-2021