The Internet age has arrived, will Internet + mold manufacturing be far behind?

Mold is an important basic process equipment in industrial production. It is known as the “mother of industry” and is an important indicator for measuring the manufacturing level of a country. According to reports, as a mold town, Dongguan Changan Town’s hardware mold industry has formed a cluster of scale, the town has more than 1,100 existing production enterprises, including nearly 300 automotive hardware mold manufacturing enterprises, the annual transaction volume of more than 15 billion yuan.

Seeing such news, the author is not happy at all. While the traditional enterprises have transformed the Internet, the mold industry seems to be less sensitive. It is still based on traditional methods. The heads of many mold companies only believe in face-to-face transactions, preferring to be dragged by acquaintances and not trusting the Internet. It’s just flickering and hoeing.

We sat down with the person in charge of the mold company, and we always talked about a topic “The molds are very traditional”, and often get approval. The mold people deal with machines, equipment, and workers day after day, and rarely care about what is going on and what is happening, what new things are happening. Since this is the case, how strong can they expect them to accept new things? The Internet + mold is itself a new thing.

“I have never seen you, have not seen your business, you asked me to play the money first, how can I rest assured?” This is a normal voice of the mold industry, is the concept of most mold people . This kind of concept is also the most difficult to change. This is the most difficult way for the new model of Internet + mold to cross.

The question of thinking, how to solve it? Who will give us the answer to this question?

According to statistics, in 1999, China’s mold exports exceeded 100 million US dollars, and the average annual growth rate exceeded 35% for 10 consecutive years. In 2010, it reached 2.2 billion US dollars. For the first time, it exceeded imports (2.1 billion US dollars). During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, China’s molds Exports still maintain a high growth trend. In 2015, China’s mold exports reached US$5.08 billion.

Under the inspirational figures, it is the unspeakable pain of many small and medium-sized mold companies. Quality, delivery, and payment can all be the last straw to crush the mold company.

To cure these three “pain”, the Internet seems to be a good medicine. First look at the problem of tolls, first make money after production, take a step to give a step of money, no one loses; look at quality and delivery, companies do not care, a little negative evaluation, can be on the Internet Unlimited enlargement, more negative evaluation, the company’s reputation is broken, the word of mouth is broken, how to mix in the later stage, so in order to survive and develop, the company will pay attention to quality and delivery.

How many years ago, we did not believe in Taobao and did not believe in Alipay. “I haven’t seen anything yet, so I asked to pay first. This is too outrageous.” But now, the young people are now inseparable from Alipay, and it is ok to go out and buy a mobile phone without money. Why? Because there are Alipay and WeChat in the mobile phone, there are various payment methods. At this time, we realized how much convenience these emerging payment methods bring us. Now, let us not use Alipay, don’t use WeChat, don’t use all the Internet to pay, can we still get used to it?

The road is long and the road is long, China has already ushered in the Internet era, and in the traditional manufacturing enterprises, some have begun to move, some are still waiting to see, some simply do not care. But in the long run, Internet + manufacturing is the trend of the times. What we have to do is to emancipate our minds, open up the environment and meet new things; take steps and dare to try new things. If you are moving, please move forward firmly. If you are hesitant, please hurry and stand firm. If you don’t care, please open your eyes and look at the outside world!

Don’t worry, the pioneers of the Internet test field in the traditional manufacturing industry must not be anxious! Everything is given to time, and everything is handed over to our own efforts. As long as we don’t forget our original heart, we must go forward!

The Internet age has arrived, will Internet + mold manufacturing be far behind?

Post time: Dec-29-2021